AT-Patch AT-PATCH is adapted by ATsens' cutting-edge solutions that makes possible to detect high accuracy and long-term ECG recording.


작고 가벼운 디자인으로 착용감 향상 Small & Light Design ATsens is applying patient-centered design based on optimized solution.
AT-PATCH's small and light design gives comfortable wearing time.

저전력 기술적용으로 긴 사용시간 제공 Long-term Recording ATsens' solution is optimizing the device to improve recording time.

보다 정확한 ECG 측정 High Accuracy Detection ATsens' advenced technology makes possible to enhance high accuracy ECG detection.

착용중에도 샤워 가능 Shower Proof AT-PATCH's shower proof function is designed for patients.
It helps to improve quality of patient compliance during detection times.